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Additional specifications:

  • Allowing the user to focus and keep their eyes on the road ahead, the QuickView remote comes with two auxiliary buttons that are programmed to launch Google Map and Apple map.
  • IP67 certified 1-piece waterproof molded design
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Adjustable swivel camera up to 45 degrees to suit different vehicle sizes
  • Horizontal viewing angle of 100 degrees
  • Image resolution: VGA 600 x 480



    The LOOK-IT Wireless Backup Camera transforms your smartphone into a handy display for viewing what’s behind you, providing added safety and peace-of-mind while you reverse out of a parking spot or your driveway.

    As a do-it-yourself (DIY) system that anyone can install, it includes both a camera and monitor solution, with various camera angles that allow it to fit vehicles of different sizes.

    Once set-up, use an iPhone or Android device as a wirelessly connected backup camera, helping to improve backup safety, reduce blind spots, and assisting in the way drivers park their vehicles. Smart gridline calibration aids in better backup manoeuvring.

    The rugged license plate frame employs an IP67 certified waterproof-molded design with a built-in camera and replaceable battery that powers it for up to four years.


    Your iPhone or Android smartphone becomes a smart and useful display, showing what’s behind you as you back up. This can help you avoid a pet scurrying by, or a child running behind the car as you back out of the driveway, for example, as well as passers-by or other cars backing out or driving by in a parking lot.

    It adds safety and security, and uses technology you already have versus having to install a complex camera system. It’s a great solution for those with older vehicles, or cars that don’t come with backup cameras installed.

    And the smart adjustable gridlines can help with things like parallel parking too, helping to judge your distance from obstacles and other vehicles.


    Using the patent-pending QuickView wireless remote, mounted on the steering wheel or dashboard, you can instantly unlock and open the app on your smartphone, which is mounted on the magnetic universal smartphone holder, and see a live image behind the car. All it takes to activate is a quick push of a button.

    Back up with confidence as you focus, and keep your eyes on the road. Back up cameras have been proven to be very effective at helping drivers avoid hitting objects, especially people, while driving in reverse. In a 2014 study by the insurance institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), backup cameras reduced the blind zone, on average, by approximately 90 per cent. This technology is particular useful when young children and other people are in a driveway, on the sidewalk or anywhere behind a vehicle and not readily visible to the driver. Back up cameras are even more effective than parking sensors, which tend to be poor at discerning people.

    As an added benefit, the remote comes with a pair of auxiliary buttons that are pre-programmed to launch Google Maps and Apple Maps. 


    There’s no need to hire an installer, or wait for that tech-savvy relative to come help. It’s easy to set up the LOOK-IT wireless backup camera, as, unlike many other aftermarket cameras, there’s no hardwiring required.

    The set-up is quick, and not only free of complicated wiring, but you don’t need to drill any holes in your vehicle either, which is ideal for those leasing a car. It’s as easy as switching out your license plate—the wireless and adjustable camera is built right into the license plate holder.

    Because the camera communicates with your smartphone over wireless, there’s no need to connect any wires at all.

    In addition, LOOK-IT may be configured to switch on automatically every time the vehicle is placed in reverse: though this requires a more detailed installation.


    LOOK-IT securely protects the video it captures. Firstly, a user account must be created and accessed to view the footage. Secondly, the unit must be paired with an authorized smartphone to operate. Along with the included installation hardware, these integrated anti-theft features make LOOK-IT useless to would-be thieves.