QuickView Technology

One-touch operation for safe driving and instant activation

The Quick View wireless programmable remote mounts on the steering wheel or the dashboard. The One Touch Quick View Technology activates instantly and immediately shows the back-up camera image on a smartphone with no screen interaction required. One Touch Quick View has 2 additional buttons which can be configured to launch user designated apps on their smartphones.

Enhance your safety wirelessly

Wireless and easy to install! Most aftermarket backup cameras are complicated and expensive to install. The LOOK-IT wireless rear vision system can be set up quickly with NO complicated wiring and NO holes to drill in your vehicle!LOOK-IT wireless rear vision system is so easy to install, anyone can do it!

Key features

  • Easy do-it-yourself installation, requires no hardwiring
  • One touch of the QuickView wireless remote automatically launches smartphone app and enables the camera
  • Smart grid line calibration and adjustable camera angle
  • Automatic activation when in reverse*
  • Rugged waterproof license plate holder with long-lasting replaceable battery
  • Integrated anti-theft features make LOOK-IT useless to thieves
† Requires custom installation. See the owner’s manual for more details.
‡ Can be mounted on the dashboard or steering wheel.

Additional specifications:

  • IP67 certified 1-piece waterproof molded design
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Adjustable swivel camera up to 45 degrees to suit different vehicle sizes
  • Horizontal viewing angle of 100 degrees
  • Image resolution: VGA 600 x 480
  • Allowing the user to focus and keep their eyes on the road ahead, the QuickView remote comes with two auxiliary buttons that are programmed to launch Google Map and Apple map.

Supports multiple smartphones

For added convenience, the LOOK-IT wireless rear vision system can be synced with multiple smartphones.

Designed and engineered to last

All LOOK-IT wireless rear vision systems are designed and engineered in North America for maximum quality, performance and longevity. LOOK-IT wireless rear vision are built to hold up under rigorous operating conditions.

Long-lasting battery life

LOOK-IT camera license frame holder can be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations during driving operation. Its proper function during permanent operation is guaranteed between -300C and + 300C.

Weatherproof design and winter performance

The internal control module is completely enclosed and the LOOK-IT camera license plate holder is water and dust-proof. Road salt affects electronic equipment heavily and encapsulated LOOK-IT camera license frame is protected against road salt.


The LOOK-IT wireless rear vision system includes a replaceable battery pack, which is designed to be maintenance-free for 4 years under normal operating conditions.