Easy to install as simple as replacing your license plate! It only takes a screwdriver. NO complicated wiring and NO holes to drill in your vehicle!

Smart wireless technology

The LOOK-IT backup camera connects wirelessly to your smartphone. Its cutting-edge technology ensures optimal connectivity speed and image quality at all times.

Smart grid line

Simply download the application and use your smartphone’s touch screen to calibrate the grid lines, based on the width of your vehicle and your preferred warning distance.

Reversing assistance camera

LOOK-IT will assist you with a perfect parking experience. Parallel parking is a snap with the smart predictive backup lines showing the destined path.

technology for safe
driving and instant

Simply touch the patent-pending QuickView remote and it will instantly show the rear vision camera and additional smartphone applications.

† Requires custom installation.

Optional automatic activation when in reverse

The LOOK-IT rear vision camera can be configured to switch on automatically when the vehicle is placed in reverse.

swivel camera

The LOOK-IT swivel camera can be adjusted up to 45 degrees to suit different vehicle sizes.